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We’re proud to introduce the members of our team. If you find them charming now, imagine in person!

  • nathalie-PG Tex

    Nathalie Godmer

    Sales representative

    With PG Tex since 2006 / Working in the promotional products industry since 1995

    Energetic isn’t a strong enough word to describe Nathalie. When she’s not working, she has to channel her extra energy through sports! A hard worker, Nathalie loves taking good care of her clients, who reward her with unwavering loyalty. Outside office hours, she loves hunting 

  • pierre-PG Tex

    Pierre Vézina

    Sales representative

    With PG Tex since 2005 / Working in the promotional products industry since 1995

    Pierre has been affectionately named “office clown” and he doesn’t mind at all! His sense of humor and his kindness have made him indispensable in the eyes of his coworkers, who also say he is devoted and hard-working. Pierre works closely with his clients to understand their needs and works hard to satisfy them.

  • denisedupuis-PG Tex

    Denise Dupuis

    Sales assistant

    With PG Tex since 2004

    Denise perpetually has her heart on her sleeve and always welcomes you with a hearty smile! Caring and thoughtful, she takes care of everyone here at PG Tex. Her experience also makes her a great mentor to some of her colleagues, whom she’s always ready to help and support. In her free time, Denise enjoys horseback riding.

  • juliedesjardins-PG Tex

    Julie Desjardins


    With PG Tex since 2004

    Julie shows remarkable professionalism in her accounting role at PG Tex. No doubt about it – she can crunch those numbers! Her colleagues appreciate her diligence and hard work, as well as the great relationships she develops with our clients.

  • ferry-PG Tex

    Stéphane Ferry

    President and Founder

    With you since 1995

    Interacting with Stéphane always gives you a boost of energy! Open-minded and energetic, Stéphane is an inspiring leader who motivates his team to over-deliver and give their best. At PG Tex, he has been able to create a work environment where cooperation and friendliness are valued above all else! Stéphane knows how to foster his team’s positive energy and creativity. His knowledge of the industry and his ability to surround himself with a capable team make him a great leader at PG Tex.

    Determined? Absolutely. Endearing? No doubt about it!