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The Best Corporate Gift Ideas

The little thought that makes all the difference!

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At PG TEX, you'll find the best gift ideas for your employees and customers! We offer quality promotional items, apparel for every occasion, and a host of small thoughts that will remind your customers of your presence and relevance all year long.

Are your sales reps already equipped with business cards, promotional pencils and company-branded polo shirts? It's time to step up your representation with promotional items that will have an instant impact on your customers! Not to mention that your sales reps will be proud to hand out these quality pro-motional items as business cards.

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An intriguing gift for maximum visibility!

The ultimate dream when you give a customer a promotional item is for them to use it... and see your logo as often as possible. With this intriguing item, your customer who owns a laptop or computer monitor with built-in camera will see your brand dozens of times a day!

It's actually a clip on which we affix your company logo, and which is placed on top of the computer screen to protect privacy by blocking the camera. A trendy, techno item that's sure to get people talking!

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Popular promotional items: ceramic mugs and water bottles

According to a report by the Coffee Association of Canada*, 72% of Canadians drink at least one cup of coffee a day, and the average coffee drinker consumes 2.3 cups a day.

Your customer could drink directly from your brand twice a day! That's extraordinary proximity to your market! With the range of beautiful ceramic mug designs we offer on our site, you'll be making an impression every day.


More and more cities are banning the sale of disposable water bottles, because they harm the environment. Equip your customers and teams now with durable, reusable, quality water bottles... and your company logo! Your customers and employees will take your brand with them every day. Now that's green visibility!


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Top-of-the-range gifts for your best customers

Did you know that we also offer high-end promotional items for your best customers and employees?